Quick Link opens the door to product and service information through a portfolio of trade & consumer events, covering a diverse range of business sectors. Each event is complemented by an array of conferences, business matching, industry awards, market intelligence services & networking functions – all to help you get the business information you require.

Exhibition recruitments/agency

Quick Link has a long and strong relationship with major exhibition organizers in different parts of the world and is capable of efficiently assisting you in your participation in more than 30 exhibitions covering all kinds of products. We can also arrange companies introduction to serious importers and buyers in the region to ensure maximum yield for your time and investments.

Hotel Arrangement

Quick Link can handle hotel bookings on behalf of the clients. We organize and provide you with special prices on hotel rates with accordance to your requirements and budget.

Exhibition in-house services also include the following:

» Project management
» Program research & production
» Topic generation
» Speaker recruitment
» Marketing
» Graphic Design
» Sponsorship & sales operation
» Telesales
» Registration & online payment services



Organizing and managing an event and conferences can be incredibly time consuming and expensive if it is not your core competence.

Quick Link has all the solutions; we organize and manage events that range from institutional and government meetings to exhibitions, congresses and conferences.

Combining company presentations, on-stage interviews, panel discussions and management breakout sessions, our conferences give institutional investors direct contact with senior management and industry experts.



Business Matching is a customized matching service dedicated to help you find business partners and facilitate trade worldwide.

Quick Link has comprehensive tailored services and a customized suite of integrated matching services dedicated to help global customers identify and screen potential business partners. Our team is expert in sourcing and arranging personalized one-on-one meetings for both suppliers and buyers.

How It Works

According to your business needs, we will find you potential partners with a confirmed interest. After that, we can help you meet the recommended companies so that you can start business negotiations immediately.

Covering a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, we match you with product suppliers, service providers, agents, distributors, licensees, franchisees, joint venture or other strategic partners anywhere you desire.